Monorepos for the masses

Makes monorepo management easier for teams by automating best practices - true CI/CD, Trunk-based Development, DevOps metrics, Contract testing and more.

Monopolis delivers value for..

Bring all the advantages of monorepos to engineering teams without the tooling overhead.

  • Rapid onboarding and management of projects
  • Embrace full-stack technologies to maximise code reuse
  • Centralised view of automated build and deployment pipelines
  • Promote elite-team practices such as true CI/CD and automated cross-service contract testing

Done right, monorepos simplify the fragmentation of your engineering estate.

  • Improved collaboration and communication of teams
  • Reduction of duplication and toil across codebases
  • Centralise and standardise security concerns
  • Track recognised engineering productivity metrics to reduce time-to-market

Comprehend your estate

Monopolis builds a model of all of your deliverable components (we call them Monodes) and environments based on a simple configuration file.

  • Graphically document cross-component relationships and dependencies
  • Define component archetypes and automatically apply shared behaviours to each type.
  • Generate and update CI/CD pipeline configurations to only trigger when relevant code changes.

Advanced CI/CD pipeline tracking

Track and visualise all your CI/CD pipelines in a single place, so teams can instantly see the status of their work.

  • Job and stage progress view of pipelines based on pipeline, component, commit, or deployment environment
  • Build multi-repo custom dashboard for personal or build monitor view
  • Automatically generate pipeline performance statistics
  • Control pipeline actions right from the dashboard

Manual/Automated Deployment and Rollbacks

Monopolis supercharges the deployment model already existing in your VCS provider to add monorepo support.

  • Configure automated deployments to reduce code-to-deployment time
  • Set environments to auto-rollback when a failed deployment is encountered
  • Manual deployment and rollback controls are built into the Monopolis UI
  • View deployment history across environments
  • Secure your deployments with auditing and Two-Factor Authentication

Environment Tracking

It is crucial for engineering teams to know exactly what code is in what environment.

  • Configure environmental setup from a single place
  • Visualise of what code is in what environment and when it was deployed
  • Control which environments can be deployed to from where, and by whom
  • Utilise deployed versions to coordinate cross-component testing

Automated Elite DevOps Metrics

Monopolis provides industry recognised DevOps metrics as a way of tracking deployments and delivery pipelines. Teams using Monopolis get a full view of current and previous deployments, and the impact of deployed software.

  • Change Lead Time: Quickly identify any bottlenecks
  • Deployment Frequency: Keep track of deployments and deploy frequently to reduce the size of your change set
  • Change Failure Rate: Stay on top of deployment failures

Rollout Safely With Crosscheck Testing

Confidently and safely roll out your components and check compatibility with consumer-driven contract tests.

  • Simply configure components and environments eligible for cross-component checks
  • Monopolis generates simple plug-in hooks for running tests
  • Contract tests run as part of the deployment pipeline, with the versions of the components to cross-check automatically injected

Works With Your Existing Tools

No-one wants to throw away a familiar toolset just because you try something new. Monopolis sticks to what it does best and leaves the rest to the tools you already know and trust.

  • Built to entirely integrate with GitHub and GitLab
  • Slack integration provides live pipeline updates and chat-ops capabilities for your team
  • Browser-extensions provide crucial integration and notification hooks between your other SaaS tools and Monopolis

Accelerating mono-repository engineering with true CI/CD, DORA metrics, CDCs, and more

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