Our Story

The creators of Monopolis have been delivering working software for companies for over two decades. During this time, we have seen the industry evolve from a culture of gigantic monolithic enterprise apps to full-stack technologies and the nimbleness and decoupling which comes with microservices..

With this change, the pattern of code-organization in companies changed from one of single-project repositories to putting every application in it’s own repository. And with this split, teams had the autonomy to choose their own tools, languages and patterns. But this approach also came with significant problems - the maintenance overhead of keeping all of those projects up-to-date with security patches, tooling and shared code was a significant overhead, eating up forever more and more time from engineering teams trying to keep all the balls in the air.

In some tech-focused companies, this didn’t happen. Some medium and “Big-tech” companies (you know the ones!) kept on putting their code into single repos - sometimes even one for the entire organization. The scale and effort of the tooling development required to make this all work was significant, especially when it came to CI pipelines and deployment patterns which teams had come to expect in a microservice world.

What’s more, the products supporting source control and CI tooling simply didn’t support a monorepo way of working out of the box - the problem was branded as “too hard” and was avoided entirely.

Until now.

The Monopolis team knows all about the challenges involved with making monorepos work, precisely because we have worked at multiple companies who have invested in the tooling required to make them a reality. Companies where creating a new microservice or library is a matter of adding a simple entry to a config file, pushing it and then 5 minutes later it is deployed with a fully generated CI/CD pipeline. We have been part of the teams producing those tools that turbocharge the rest of the engineers.

“A monorepo will never work here”

We know that many people simply don’t believe something is possible until they’ve seen it done well. So we decided to do it again - but this time for everyone. Partially because we were bored of telling (and then showing) everyone that it would work, partially because we knew there is nothing out there like it, and finally realising that if anyone was going to build it, it was going to have to be us.

Welcome to Monopolis.